bali furniture indonesia

Bali Furniture - Indonesia Furniture

Bali Furniture choices are wide and varied from old recycle teakwood reproduction antique, through most centuries to modern contemporary tropical furniture. Balinese furniture styles include teak indoor and outdoor, Garden / Patio furniture, Woven furniture, featuring Synthetic or organic materials, Rattan, Banana Leaf, Water Hyacinth and Sea Grass or a combination of wood and all of the above fibers. All our furniture products are of the highest quality and suitable for resort, hotel projects or refurbishments, private residences and retail. Should you require any furniture item not listed in our catalog please contact us so we can manufacture or source a particular product for you.
bali furniture indonesia
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Star Imperial Furniture proudly carries the complete lines Antique Furniture, Bronze Handicraft, Gazebo & Joglo, Natural Stone, Outdoor & Indoor Furniture, Silver Jewelry, Stone Statues & Wood Carving Handicraft collection with nationwide delivery.

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