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Bali Furniture choices are wide and varied from old recycle teakwood reproduction antique, through most centuries to modern contemporary tropical furniture. Balinese furniture styles include teak indoor and outdoor, Garden / Patio furniture, Woven furniture, featuring Synthetic or organic materials, Rattan, Banana Leaf, Water Hyacinth and Sea Grass or a combination of wood and all of the above fibers. All our furniture products are of the highest quality and suitable for resort, hotel projects or refurbishments, private residences and retail. Should you require any furniture item not listed in our catalog please contact us so we can manufacture or source a particular product for you.
bali furniture indonesia
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About Star Imperial Furniture.

Star Imperial Furniture is the best place for you to source and explore Indonesian’s arts product. We are one of the professional in trading, sourcing and business Services Company based in the beautiful Bali Island. We have huge contacts database for local suppliers or producers which has created a network in creating goods in small and large quantities. Our vision is to promote our local products to the international market for the creative abilities and craftsmanship of local Indonesian producers. We deeply understand with the habit, mindset and fashion of local producers therefore we believe in our unique approach will help in promoting fair trade at competitive price and quality, while at the same time preserving traditional crafts and the cultural identity. Our extensive catalogue contains more than 5,500 products or from your custom designs, we strive to provide the finest quality products at the markets with the lowest prices. Our business is open for professional buyers, individual buyers, whole sellers, retailers, home furnishings companies, developers, interior designers, jewelry companies, resorts and hotels, shop owners and others.

Our Mission:

Is to sell and introduce a range of unique and creative products to international markets, and also to assist and help our customers to source and negotiate at the competitive price with good quality result regardless small, medium or large quantity. We believe in providing professional and reliable services to ensure our long-term cooperation with our customers.

Our Commitment:

Customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority as we are committed to strive in maximizing the efficiency of production work load with limited time frame given while retaining the highest level of quality. We work closely in monitoring the production process to ensure that the producers will meet the require volume of product and quality.


In such circumstances, we understand that most of overseas buyers may find difficulties experience when they do international trade in the particular country at the first time. It is our obligation to help and assist our customers when they do business or investment in Bali. We arrange everything in professional ways to ensure your satisfaction.

Our services are including:

- Sourcing products as per your requirements.

- Negotiate with suppliers or producers.

- Products inspection, monitoring and quality control.

- Shipping arrangement / consolidation.

- Payment assistance

- Travel assistance for business trip.

Travel assistance for business trip is meant for our customers only whom have planned trip to go Bali for inspection or business purposes. Our travel assistance services including:

- We have our appointed hotel for our customers, which is the hotel’s rate is cheaper than the others but and it’s still very comfortable and cozy to stay.

- We provide free transfer from airport to hotel.

- We arrange full transport accommodation at a low rate (car rental).

- We provide fully assist and guidance during your trip in Bali.

How we work: (with visual image)

Potential customers are encouraged to send us an “Order list” through email or fax. We prefer customers to enclose their detail information as well such as; complete name or company’s name, phone or fax numbers, addresses (country) and others.

Once we received customer’s order, we will revise all the items and will forward back to customers within 2 -3 days. Our forwarded message will be complete with information that includes: price quotation for items, time frame for production, shipping information, currency exchange rates info, advices and others.(For further discussion you may contact us through email or phone or net call or IRC-MSN)

Once confirmed with the order, customers need to send us “an official order” including down payment as well (see terms & conditions).

During the production process, we do monitoring, inspection and quality control to ensure that the producers will meet the required volume and quality.

Once the production complete, we will arrange to send your order (goods) to the appointed cargo company for shipping and packaging. Customers need to complete their payment balance after the production complete.

Once everything completed and settled, we will send the original shipping documents to the customers. (See terms of order)

Trustworthy is our company’s motto, we believe in every business deals always start with a trust; follow by an official or legal paper agreement. We understand that some buyers may experience fraud or similar problems faced. But when you do business with us, we encourage you to visit our office and warehouse especially for those buyers with large quantity of orders.

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